Hi, I'm Stuart and I love having a camera in my hands. I also love golf. And, lucky for me, more often than not these two worlds collide. I'm Scottish born and bred, but through work and a love of travel, I have become a proud citizen of the world.

I have loved the game of golf ever since I was a boy and when my passion for photography and the world of golf came together, to be honest I felt like I hit the jackpot and here I am. I am fortunate to work with some incredible people, brands and projects including TaylorMade Golf, VICE Golf and GOLF Magazine. I also work as a videographer for "Adventures in Golf".

The thing is, it's not just all about golf, I also really love people, I love their stories and I love the unspoken stories their faces tell. We're all unique, we're all important and we all have a story. This is where my passion for portrait photography and creating stories through pictures really lies. I love travel and uncovering off-the-beaten track places, I love big cities and I love adventure.

When I take photos, I want you to come along on the journey with me. I want you to see it as though you're there, feel the emotion, feel like you're viewing it firsthand through your own eyes. I want you to connect with the subject, the place, the story.